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Cougar Hunts

Your Cat hunt will start being picked up at the Cranbrook airport. Then traveling 45 min from Cranbrook to the area. The Next morning we get up early between 2 and 4am, eat breakfast, grab a bagged lunch, load up the hounds and head out. We travel around buy pickup and snowmobile checking roads for that big tom track. As the area has a good number of cats we may find a few smaller tracks before we find the right one. If we do not find that big tom track the first morning we have the choice to chase a smaller track for the purpose of picture taking. We normally head home mid afternoon to recharge and do it all again the next morning. We suggest also purchasing a wolf tag as there is a chance that in our travels you may get an opportunity to see or harvest a wolf. Big home cooked meals await us when we get home. A bobcat can be added to the hunt for a $1500.00 trophy fee and a Lynx can be added for a $2000.00 trophy fee.

Our cougar hunts run from Dec 1st to the end of February (The length of the season depends on the female quota being reached.

Cougar Hunt Prices

7 day cougar hunt $7000.00

Price does not include 5% GST

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