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Moose Hunt

Your moose hunt would start being picked up at Cranbrook or Kalispell airport than traveling to our main camp. After a good nights rest and a big breakfast you would travel by pickup to area that moose like to hide in and glass. Don't forget your lunch that the cook has prepared for you as you might not make it back to camp for the hot lunch that is waiting there. Some days you would hike up into little mountain lakes or swamps that have the habitat to hold a moose close by. There is a chance that while waiting by a mountain lake a wolf might come in to get a drink so a wolf tag in your pocket would be a bonus. After a hard days hunt you arrive back at camp where there is a home cooked meal and hot showers waiting for you.

Our moose season runs September 1-October 14 with bow and October 15 to November 15 with rifle.

Please contact us for moose hunt pricing.

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