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Elk Hunts

Your hunt will start by being picked up at the Cranbrook or Kalispell airport. From there we will travel to our main camp which is about 1.5 hours from Cranbrook and 2.5 hours from Kalispell. At camp you will stay in one of 4 sleeping cabins. There is a two bathroom shower house they each have a toilet, sink, and shower. That evening you will enjoy a home cooked meal prepared by the camp cook and meet any staff that you haven't had a chance to meat yet. The next morning your hunt will start at around 5am (or earlier depending on how early in the season it is) with a big breakfast. A bagged lunch will be waiting as we might not make it back into camp until 10pm. Traveling by pickup to your hunting spot where we will hike and call for that 6 point or better bull elk. If not successful during the morning hunt we might find a watering hole or a vantage point to glass for the afternoon where we can relax and enjoy our lunch. We might catch a traveling bull looking for a lonely cow. We may also head back to camp and enjoy a hot lunch and a shower while we wait for the evening hunt. The evening hunt might have us glassing hill sides looking for elk coming out of the heavy timber to feed in the open clearcuts or grassy medows. If we find a bull the decision has to be made either to go after them right away or watch them till dark and plan to go after them in g the morning. on arrival back at camp in the evening a home cooked meal will be waiting for us. Weather plays a big roll in elk hunting, but whatever the weather we will still go out and hunt hard.

Our elk hunts run from September 1-7 for bow and September 10th to October 20th with rifle.

Elk Hunt Prices

7 day elk hunt $6500.00

Price does not include 5% GST

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